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Vintage Lighting UK are a rapidly expanding company specialising in the manufacture of unique industrial vintage reproduction lighting and furniture. At Vintage Lighting UK, we pride ourselves on producing a constantly evolving cache of products in conjunction with supplying an ever growing number of both national and international clients.

Vintage Lighting UK designs and creates its own range of unique, handcrafted products in addition to working closely with clients to produce bespoke lighting and furniture solutions. These have included a variety of distinguished retail, leisure and hospitality companies.

The strength of our company lies in the fact that, our products are available in large numbers and offer the look and feel of vintage, retro industrial lighting without the cost and time-constraints of searching for originals. Nevertheless, as all our products are hand finished by our skilled craftsmen in our dedicated factory, they retain an authentic and individual quality that holds true to the ethos and feel, unique to vintage industrial lighting and furniture.


Pewter Holder / Brass Holder
Copper Holder / Chain Holder

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